#Jan25 Public transportation workers call for overthrowing Mubarak

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My sources has just confirmed this now.

The Cairo Public Transportation workers, who started a strike today in five Garages: Nasr Station, Fateh Station, Ter’a Station, Amiriya Station, Mezzalat Station, Sawwah Station, have issued a statement with a list of demands, calling for overthrowing Mubarak. No public buses will roam Cairo tomorrow, except those buses that will bring the drivers to the central station in Nasr City’s el-Gabal el-Ahmar, where the strikers have announced they will declare an independent union.

The strikers’ statement has also called for abolishing the emergency law, removing NDP from the state institutions, dissolving the parliament, drafting new constitution, forming a national unity govt and setting a national minimum wage of LE1200 and prosecuting corrupt officials…

This comes as strikes have spread literally everywhere. It’s happening people… It’s happening. The working class has entered the arena with full force today. Mubarak’s regime’s fate will be sealed off SOON!

  1. George

    Lets not, teach our children, that when 80 milion stand up against a dictator, the dictator kills 80 million. Since 25 january 2011, I am a proud Egyptian. Fight for a good future for a god life for our children who dont have to wash the car of el Pasha, or die in jail, or in school or in a train or on a boat or even for bread. fight for a good life in a rich country. Stand up and say for the first time in your life…I am a pround Egyptian.

  2. LeeAnne

    Hope they get Muburak’s $70 Billion before they decide his fate.

  3. CGT Barcelona bus workers

    Solidarity from Barcelona bus workers

    We, as bus workers and trade unionists in Barcelona, send our greetings to the bus workers of Cairo. Your fight for democracy and social justice is also our fight. The dictators must fall; the dictator in the palace, and the dictators in the managers’ offices.

    CGT union branch, Barcelona Municipal Transport bus workers.

  4. Shaheed Mahomed

    the call for a unity government shows illusions in the muslim brotherhood and other capitalist parties; what independent organs of workers delegates have been formed? the popular committees? or the nekabat? please explain