Year: 2006

  • Eid Mubarak!

    When I saw the photo below of worshipers marking the beginning of Eid ul Adha under rifles, I thought it was from occupied Palestine. But no, it is Mubarak’s Egypt. Central Security Forces were literally everywhere in the major cities early morning today, for fear of anti-government demonstrations following the prayers. UPDATE: Four MB activists […]

  • Don’t cry for me Mesopotamia

    No tears for Saddam.

  • A lovely family evening

    I never claimed I was following the latest in Egypt’s music scene… but goodness, I didn’t know the legendary Shaaban Abdel Rehim had a brother who’s in the singing business too. Or may be Shaaban was keeping him behind the Iron Mask for fear of competition? I was at a cousin’s wedding tonight, when suddenly […]

  • An Egyptian police torture story

    Advise from Shobrawy: Just remember, if you’re an Egyptian American returning to Egypt, your passport is NOT a get out of jail free card. So be careful!