VIDEOGATE: The Torturer

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Fathi Abul Ezz produced this cartoon of Bulaq al-Dakrour Police Station Captain Islam Nabih, who is to stand in court facing charges of torturing and sexually abusing driver Emad Kabeer.

إسلام نبيه - بريشة فتحي أبو العز

Photographer Ahmad el-Masry had exclusively photographed the officer while leaving the Prosecutor’s office last week.

إسلام نبيه

UPDATE: Torture in Egypt blog has designed a banner, with Islam’s face, calling for prosecution of torturers.

  1. Abu Mazen

    Why don’t the people of Egypt find this animal and put a bullet in his head or even better, behead him Iraqi style? Why?

    Do you lack courage? You are a population of 70million!!! Not one of you has the guts to do it. Shame on you.

    Once you do it to one, the others will think twice.

  2. Even Headed

    No one disagrees that what happened was animalistic and barbaric but is the solution to behead someone? To be even more barbaric? taking law at ones hand is not the solution .
    It is a very sad state of affairs that our nation is going through. let’s not blame rotten regimes , Let’s do some soul searching and become enlightened and educated people who earns respect and deserves democracy.