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Egypt’s 1968: The revival of street politics

Above is Chapter IV of the MA Thesis I wrote 10 years ago, when studying at the American University in Cairo’s Political Science department. This chapter discusses the revival of the student movement following the 1967 defeat. Of course reading it today I wish if I would have edited some parts, changed the lingo here

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On Riots, Violence, Sabotage: Denmark and the US Ghetto Intifadas

“The good news is that we’ve made a lot of arrests”… thus spoke Michael Hoejer, the Danish deputy national police commissioner, to the public on the ongoing riots by immigrant youths against the Danish police brutality and racism. So the first mass scale rebellion came from the immigrants in France, and now Denmark. There’s no reason

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18 & 19 January 1977: The Lost Revolution

The Bread Uprising that shook Egypt’s urban towns on the 18th and 19th of January, 1977, is always wrongly treated in the mainstream media as an “Uprising of thieves,” quoting President Sadat’s description of the events, with emphasis on the violence and the looting that accompanied the people’s uprising. After Mahalla triggered the Winter of

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