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#Jan25 شهود عيان يتحدثون للـ«شروق» عن واقعة إطلاق ضابط للنار على سائق ميكروباص في المعادي

[Video removed:] The father of the microbus driver, Atef, who was shot by a police officer in Maadi, talks to Al-Shorouq, with other eyewitnesses. And with their usual cowardice, the police forces in Maadi and Bassateen have vanished and officers rushed to hide at their homes fearing the protests.

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#Jan25 Police brutality continues

صلاح اشرف السجينى ،ضابط المعادي القاتل ،هو ابن اشرف السجيني "عميد شرطة" احد جلادي التعذيب في عهد حسن الالفي وحبيب العادلي ،ابن السفاح سفاح — Gamal Eid (@gamaleid) February 24, 2011 A fight broke out today between a microbus driver and a police officer, Salah Ashraf el-Saggini, in Maadi’s Algeria Square. The fight was over

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