• Rob says:

    Jesus christ. Is anyone sure this is a US embassy vehicle? Any other videos of this from other angles?

  • ALee says:

    This is horrible, just awful….God help those hurt people, I only wish I could be standing with you, From the USA, an old lady. My tears and fears are with you the heroes of today

  • Cliff says:

    Where did this happen?

  • Rob says:

    Looking at the beginning of the video, it’s clear that there’s open space behind the van providing a way to back out instead of running through the people like tall grass. Maybe the people who made the video are working on it with other eyewitnesses. I hope so.

  • Rob says:

    Nobody seems to be following this or care anymore in light of all that’s happening, but in case anyone is reading this, here is the statement supposedly from the US embassy on the Al Jazeera website pertaining to this incident :

    “11:09pm The US Embassy in Cairo sent this statement to Al Jazeera. The video in question is at the bottom of this page – see 2:49am:
    We have seen a video that alleges a US embassy vehicle was involved in a hit and run incident that injured dozens in Cairo. We are certain that no embassy employees or diplomats were involved in this incident. On January 28, however, a number of our US Embassy vehicles were stolen. Since these vehicles were stolen, we have heard reports of their use in violent and criminal acts. If true, we deplore these acts and the perpetrators.”

    Here, at “11:09 pm” :

  • mac says:

    Rob, I think that it is very difficult to believe that a US embassy vehicle can be stolen in downtown Cairo with all the security measures taken around the embassy or related locations. Also I assume that such vehicles are supposed to be equipped with tracking / anti theft devices making them traceable anywhere they go.
    If what you are saying is true, and for some unknown reason, the thief was able to steal the car(s) and disable the tracking device, I think the US should aid in finding out who did it and this time it will not be acceptable to hear that the driver committed suicide like the Egypt air Pilot of flight 990!

    We need to know the truth this time, and who ever did it should face justice!

  • Ashley says:

    And if they had stolen vans that were used for criminal acts, howcome the US embassy din’t report it? STOLEN is not what they were

  • Salman says:

    mac, Ashley…. Maybe you’re forgetting that there was a damn country-wide protest going on there. You think criminal acts matter when the whole country is staging a coup d’etat? Security systems are useless when enough people are involved with no one to hold them back. There was over 9000% more than enough people to pull those car thefts off. They did whatever they could to get rid of Mubarak. Is it so hard to imagine a large mob to steal a few cars? From what we’ve seen, it’s a car mowing down people. It doesn’t show who’s driving it or where it came from. It’s logical to assume that it was stolen on January 28 and then abandoned only to be picked up by pro-Mubaraks and used to attempt to stop the protests?

    I’m defending the US embassy, but not siding with them. There is a DEFINITE possibility that it wasn’t them, but there also is a possibility it was. Why blame it on them with no concrete evidence, but disregard possible evidence proving they weren’t the culprits? That’s hardly fair.

  • Moe says:

    Doesn’t it seem a little suspicious that a home video was running at that perfect angle from a perfect distance and turns and focuses on a car in the distance? What would a car from the embassy even be doing out that late in an area where there are protests going on? I don’t find it at all hard to believe that these vans would be stolen and used as anti us propaganda. I’m sure there are vans parked outside the embassy. Those don’t look at all like the type of car a diplomat would be driven in in an emergency situation, but more like a can that is just used for things around the embassy or on a normal day.