#Jan25 Chanting in Tahrir طفل يقود الهتاف ضد مبارك وسليمان

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  1. George

    He is only asking for what any child wants, to live and learn peacefully and respected. Something his father and his grand father didnt have since 1952. He wants to go to school and learn not die on a road accident going there and when he gets there might be poisened or by the end of the day beaten by the teacher, to grow up to wash the car of the Basha and clean his shoes,, like his father dad and his grand father have done. Kids since 1973 have seen no light, no hope, no respect, no education, care love, warm bed or meal. This revolution is not for a better Egypt for me and you. But for the future of our children. lets make more Ahmad Zowel, Magdy Yakoob, Farouk el Baz. Lets not, be just Egyptians, but from 25 january PROUD EGYPTIANS.