#Jan25 Revolution

Mubarak is gone. This is a great day. Let’s celebrate. But the battle is not over yet. We got rid of Mubarak, and now we need to get rid of the Mubarak’s regime.

Revolution ثورة

5 thoughts on “#Jan25 Revolution”

  1. Congratulations to the people of Egypt. It has been an moving, scary and exciting 18 days following the events unfold in this wonderful age of information.

    Fraser from Canada

  2. tracy martin

    So inspired by the culture, dignity and humanity of the events. A new world is possible, take the regime down.

  3. Congratulations to all you brave Egyptian people! You’ve become such an inspiration to every freedomloving person in this world.

    Mubarak is down, Ben Ali is down, now the world needs to bring down the system that keeps dictators in power, because the military industrial complex and the hate-lobby needs them to survive.

    But first: I am going to have a drink or two with my friends tonight, to celebrate with you all.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  4. Thank you Egyptian people, to show the rest of the word that democracy, solidarity, courage are not only words. It is a great day not only for Egypt, but for all of us. Even if you still have to find your way, now, you already did an incredible thing: make freedom a reality.

    Today is an historical day. As the fall of Berlin Wall.

    Philippe, from France

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