1 thought on “Western intervention in Libya would be disastrous”

  1. Nor do the ordinary citizens of Europe and the US.

    I think most people see no justification for any Western intervention unless the Libyans ask for it. I am in total agreement with the guy from the Stop the War Coalition.

    I find the posturing of our Western governments deeply worrying, as did the 2 million British people who demonstrated in London against the invasion of Iraq.

    If they intervene in Libya against the wishes of the Libyan people they are more crazy than poor old blind senile Gaddafi, who might be quite harmless if he could just be moved gently away by a couple of nurses from anything electrical or explosive, and from anyone who does what he asks to other people.

    I don’t imagine that his sons will be able to buy the loyalty of many people for very long.

    It would be better if everyone would just calm down and wait and try to talk a little more gently to one another instead of all this silly grandstanding (Cameron etc.).

    I hope that the UN aid to Libya is useful and non intrusive.

    Please don’t forget that many Western people genuinely wish you well in Egypt. We don’t all resemble Cameron any more than you all resembled Mubarak and we don’t want all our optimistic hopes for the new world you have started to be flattened by the posturing of our politicians.

    They do have to listen to us, at least some of the time!

    I sincerely hope things turn out for the best.


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