Domino Effect: Algeria – the next revolution?

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Watching those protests in Algeria, surrounded by tons of cops, reminded me of the years running up to 25 Jan 2011 in Egypt. The anger is building up, across the region.

  1. mouni

    euhh this is the same French media that was saying that everything was well in Tunisia and continues to ignore the problems in Morocco (the tourism lobby is strong in France) .They have always shown Algeria from the most negative way they could show it. It doesn’t matter how much Algeria developps the French will always focuss on the same images of poverty and despair. Algeria has many facettes. We’re not interested in another revolution, change yes, revolution no. Alreadyy been there done that before everybody else in the Arab world. The notion that there is no free speech in Algeria is the biggest nonsense of this piece. Go check Algerian newspapers or speak to anyone in an Algerian street and tell me there is no free speech. The French love to give a negative image of Algeria because of the history we have with their bloody country and because they like the world to think that we’re not doing well without them. they better focus on their own country where unemployment and social problems are rampant. Good luck to Egypt in its quest for democracy and better life and wishing for a subsancial change in Algeria from within through activism peaceful protests.