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Radwan injured in the forehead by birdshot

My friend Muhammad Radwan has been detained in Syria, and is facing accusations fabricated by the Syrian security services that he is some Israeli spy. Please help spread the word. He is facing the risk of torture and ill treatment in Syrian custody.

UPDATE: Here is the video of Radwan’s “confessions”shown on the Syrian TV!!

[Youtube removed the video:]

UPDATE: A posting by his cousin Tarek Shalaby.

  1. Dr. Nabih Ahmad

    Free Mohmed Rdwan. This is a false story to acuse this guy. He is a manager of a big company (Petrographics). His father was working in Aramco in Saudi Arabia…A rich family… May you need this false story to be believed by simple people in Syria to avoid sharing in Revolution against system. The same behaviour of the dirty play by previous system in Egypt.

  2. Genevieve Lesch

    I read that he is released now? I am so glad. Wow – people filled with selfishness are really the downfall of humanity. Governments rot from the greed – There is always hope. We must not stand for abuse!