Egyptian Army on 25 February

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Video by Gigi Ibrahim:

On Friday February 25th, around 150 protesters decided to sit-in in front of the cabinet of ministers calling for the resignation of Ahmad Shafik’s government, the removal of the Emergency Law, and dissolving State Security. First, around 11:27 pm, we were kettled by military police and army men with weapons.
At the same time, strikers in Tahrir Square were being beaten and evacuated by force by these masked army men. Kasr el Aini st. was also closed off from anyone who wanted to join our sit-in in front of the cabinet offices. Next around 12:58 am, came this Army General Hassan El Rewany shown in this video telling us “I have orders to clear the place.” Not a minute after, as shown in the video, we hear the electric cattle prods, and military police together with army men start beating, arresting, and running after protesters.
General Hassan El Rewany has now become familiar among activists for being “in charge” of the Tahrir area always urging protesters to go home, or physically confronting them.
This was one of many incidents the army showed their real face using force against protesters, even when they constantly claim to be the “protectors of the Jan25th revolution.”
I would say actions speak louder than words…