Thousands of workers on strike in Mahalla

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More than 20,000 textile workers in Ghazl el-Mahalla have been on strike since last Thursday 7am, protesting the refusal of the management to pay them their share of profits for the last two months. Despite security threats and intimidation, the workers are continuing their occupation.

I spoke with a Socialist activist who was present at the factory yesterday. He said the number of workers involved in the occupation dropped temporarily into 7,000 as it was a Friday, the weekend. The police troops are heavily present in the area. Last night, the police cut electric power off the factory, and tried to convince the workers to leave, saying the company will be closed for a week, but the few thousands who were present refused. Today the number swelled to 20,000 out of a total workforce of 27,000 workers.

Check out photos of the strikers, taken by Nasser Nouri:

UPDATE: After five days of demonstrations, the workers scored a great victory.