2 thoughts on “We will build a different Egypt”

  1. Small bit of info. I read in a book that the Pyramids were built during a recession, when the king decided to create job opportunities & reduce unemployment so he came up with the idea of the Pyramid.
    This was a great مشروع قومى . It is important that someone like you knows these stories, cuz you know that the crap we learnt in school has nothing to do with reality.

  2. Actually I disagree with the comment left by Randa. It was because of the prosperity, and not recession, enjoyed by the country during the 4th dynasty, in addition to the large amount of resources available, and efficiency and centralization of the state, that the pyramids were successfully built. It is difficult to imagine that you would decide to build pyramids to get rid of recession, because it was actually the extravagance of the pyramid projects that helped, among other factors, lead to the decline of the Old Kingdom.

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