10 thoughts on “Zahi Hawass to the garbage bin of history”

  1. If it wasn’t for Hawass convincing tourists to come to Egypt to see the pyramids and the history of the Egypitain people there would be no tourism in the modern age. Though in your eyes he is evil, without him the country no longer has a spokesperson for the importance of preservation. Let the looting begin!

  2. Oldan: Wait are you saying that tourists only started coming to Egypt once Zahi Hawass was appointed? You are obviously not too well informed – they came long before Hawass and will keep coming to Egypt long after he departs this earth. Mubarak and Hawass both considered themselves to be pharoahs reigning over a subservient nation.

  3. glad he is gone.
    how he handled accessability of the major sites was simply paranoid.

    also couldn’t stand his posturing.

  4. PS: loved my egypt holiday back in june! (be back in winter)

    Keep up the demonstrations, people!

  5. “Wait are you saying that tourists only started coming to Egypt once Zahi Hawass was appointed? ~ Mynah”

    No, I wasn’t saying that. Tourists have always come to Egypt to see the pyramids and its wonders…Napoleon shot the nose off of the Sphinx and the French came, British archeologists raped Egypt’s tombs and the English came. Hawass popularized preservation; keeping of artifacts in the country and having antiquities returned from those who had spirited them away. Hawass is gone; let the looting begin!

  6. the dog zahi hawass isnt fit to lick the dirt from my boots, and neither is s. oldan, just wait till the u.s. is looted, i pray the looting starts at your house you punk ass zionazi.

  7. @ S.Oldan: I have to correct the false allegation about Napoleon shoting the nose off the Sphynx. In 1980, the German historian Ulrich Haarmann9, based on the testimony from several Arab authors of the Middle Ages (as Rashidi and Ahmad al-Maqrizi that describes the Sphinx as the “Nile talisman” supporting the flood season), revealed that the face of the Sphinx was damaged in 1378 by Mohammed al-Sa’im Dahr, a Sufi iconoclastic khanqah native of Sa’id al-Su’ad who wanted to destroy it regarded as a pagan idol (the Egyptian peasants giving offerings to the idol to promote their crops), in addressing especially the nose and ears. Mohammed al-Dahr Sa’im was hanged for vandalism

    And Napoleon probably did much more for Egyptology than Zahi Awass. Good riddance.

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