Mahalla Updates

Police is stalling the release of the Mahalla detainees, including the Ghazl el-Mahalla activists Kamal el-Fayoumi, Kareem el-Beheiry, and Tarek el-Senoussi.

James Buck is also calling on everyone to help free his detained translator Muhammad Maree.

He’s requesting you contact Attiya Shakran, the Press Secretary at the Egyptian Consulate in San Francisco, and demand the release of Muhammad.

Also the Daily News Egypt has some troubling news about Israa.

In Seoul, the South Korean comrades held a protest in solidarity with Mahalla and the Egyptian detainees in front of the Egyptian embassy. Here’s a report from Comrade Kim Yong Wook:

There was a press conference in front of Egypt embassy in South Korea on 16th April to condemn barbaric repression on Mahalah workers’ movement by Egyptian government and to show our solidarity to the workers movement.
40 people, who belong to various organizations including Imagination for International Solidarity, All Together, Korean Democratic Labor Party, Korean Confederation of Trade Union, Friends of Asia, participated in the press conference.
All participants strongly condemned Mubarak who harshly suppressed the protests causing 2 death and arrested 800. The participants also sympathized with the protesters’ demands and read the solidarity letter which conclude with the following slogans:
The Mubarak regime must stop its barbaric repression!
The Mubarak regime must release all detainees!
Victory to the Egyptian anti-dictatorship struggle!
Down with the Mubarak regime!
The embassy didn’t receive the letter.
All participants showed their firm belief that one day the struggle of Egyptian workers and Egyptian pro-democracy movements will prevail, just like the social movements of South Korea did in the past.

Some photos from the protest:

And more letters of solidarity from Belgium and Turkey.