New police brutality video

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A new video of Egyptian police brutality has surfaced. The video, posted by blogger DemaghMaK, shows an Egyptian citizen being sexually abused by police officers, while he is screaming for help. I should warn you the video is very DISTURBING.

  1. Hossam el-Hamalawy

    Oh brother, I’m the one who should thank you for discovering this…
    It’s always one thing to read about torture and actually see it graphically (or go through it).
    Keep up the good work. You are doing your people a great service by exposing those sadistic animals in uniform.

  2. Miss Carnivorous

    I can’t watch the video, it’s too disturbing, but this goes on in prisons all over the world. Guards do this. Other prisoners do it to each other. Some men, of all cultures, are just really terrible when they have the power to engage in brutality. They act like animals. I am very sorry for the people that suffer through this kind of torture daily, all over the world.

  3. Hossam el-Hamalawy

    Anonymous, For sure there’s more accountability in the US compared to Egypt. They get away with it always here, but over there in the US they do get prosecuted. This does not mean however that the American police is perfect. Reading about “lawenforcement agencies’ dealing with suspects from poor backgrounds in the US and about the prison system sure creeps me out sometimes.

  4. Anonymous American

    I cannot say the USA if free of police brutality, but with a video like that as evidence, there would be police on trial for assault within a few days.

    If it were NOT condoned by the system – as Amgad claims – there would be no reason not to get rid of the few sadists. But it’s an official policy.

  5. Miss Carnivorous

    This type of incident did happen in America to a Haitian in New York.