Solidarity with #Jan25 in the US تضامن الشعب الأمريكي مع الثورة المصرية

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  1. Dianna Sakisheway

    Hossam, Dima, et al…Never leave us!

    Your true words and real information, especially in full colour, is invaluable to the world. On February 2, 2011, CTV News at Six in Ottawa reported, “Camels and horses went up against tanks…” as if anti-Mubarak protesters had attacked the Egyptian army! I could hardly believe my ears; it is both corrupt and embarrassing!

    Carol Anne Meehan looked sick and awkward even as she choked out the words. Her reaction shows she is not actually stupid but reading enforced script! This is coming from the most highly awarded news show for the Canadian National Capitol region.

    And, having reported on Egypt in the last few seconds of the show, they have now cut the segment entirely from their online video archive.

    Of course, when outrageous events draw their focus again, they will continue to portray the horrific Mubarak assault on peaceful pro-democracy protesters as simply a counter-protest. The conduct of such journalists is an affront to all.

    This is the sophisticated way to degrade the human rights of a supposedly democratic population.

    God keep you good people,

    Dianna Sakisheway, Cowessess First Nation / Ottawa

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