Flickr censors SS officers pix موقع فليكر يمسح صور ضباط أمن الدولة

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The set of State Security Police officers was taken down by the Flickr administrators because of “copyright infringement”!!!

Flickr censors SS officers pix موقع فليكر يمسح صور ضباط أمن الدولة

UPDATE: You can download the pictures here.

  1. michèle meyer

    it’s time to name and blame who is still in cooperation with the regimes!
    and copys, copys everywhere.

  2. l

    Every picture has its own details
    Dimensions + Camera taken by + Date + Details, etc

    I think using a blog to publish those pictures is better.

  3. Muhammad Zaki

    Can you just send them an e-mail asking them how did they find out the pics aint yours stating that they belong to all the Egyptian people. Lets see what they will say.

    Compile the pics in a torrent file and leave the link on your twitter FUCK COPYRIGHT

  4. anonymous

    may be politically motivated, but in the end you did not create the content… there are plenty of alternative websites though

  5. Atle

    Not surprised; wouldn’t be the first time copyright is used as censorship. If you don’t find anywhere else to upload them, I could inquire if libcom has the capacity to host. Not as good as Flickr for sure, but at least they would be public somewhere.

  6. Anas Emad

    انا كنت بشوف الصور ده من يومين علشان لو شفت حد فيهم في الشارع ولا حاجة

    ياريت بقي بالعند ترفع الصور تاني او تبعتهالي و انا ارفعهالك علي كام صور تاني و الديفان ارت و علي البلوج هنا و عيش هنوريهم يعني ايه سيو

  7. Nefertiti

    Who alerted them to this? And if there was no copyright claim made to it then how come they acted by themselves? I’m sure they have millions of users and out of all of them they noticed that these aren’t yours?
    I hope you make sure this is widely reported because exploiting intellectual property rights as a way to censor, should not go unnoticed.

  8. Habazlam 300

    3arabawy, manestab3edshi eno flickr was asked to remove the photos because honestly publishing them in such manner may drive some to harm or assassinate those people we besara7a elbalad mesh na2ssa kaman yekon fi 2e3’teyalat whether or not these people deserve to die or not it’s the duty of us or the people to sentence them to death

  9. Habazlam 300

    correction I meant it’s NOT the duty of us or the people to sentence them to death

  10. nevsh

    can we please campaign against flickr? there are PLENTY of ways to share photos, and they should be boycotted for this. we should spread this news as widely as possible and hopefully the boycotting movement will catch on…

  11. sarahfenix

    Don’t Be Shocked. Flikr is owned by Yahoo! & often helps corrupt governments like #Egypt & China to spy on its citizens. You know Yahoo! supplied #Amndowla with the email addresses and passwords to thousands of Egyptian yahoo users.

    Also, I have a friend who works for Yahoo! who confirmed this. She said it’s not really up to them as they will follow whichever policy of the government they are servicing.

  12. Yasmine

    Google’s lawyers should not be making this kind of decision. Infuriating!

  13. Surfmark

    Welcome to use our site to upload your images, documents etc, as long as you can fist view them locally on your browser. The more places your documents are hosted on, the better.

    Good luck!

  14. Amr

    Thanks man for your effort …

    You can upload them on imageshack or upload them on

    these photos are very important and must be published especially nowadays

  15. islamcity

    Just send the photos to our email and we will upload them on our site. Or put them our forum.

    Keep up the good work.

    Wa Salam Alaykoem Wa Rahmatoellah,

  16. ralph

    Why don’t you post them on your blog ? or host them on Amazon ? Or publish them with Picassa ?

  17. narada

    Just flickr following orders doesnt work (at least not often) when push comes to shove for Soldiers. Which makes this 2 x pointless. This is just pathetic, if the faces of SS always known re torture and oppression cant be tolerated by the liberalwebcorporatists @ so exciting flikr then what price freedom of expression?
    Whilst its valueless its also the Be ALL and end ALL of a human society and this mean yahoo and their ‘ilk etc are presently worthless and alternatives need establishing. “‘Yahoo’ famous for Folding at the very first push … what a legacy”.

    ‘What did you do during the peace Daddy?’

  18. sarahfenix

    The more I thought about this, the more it pissed me off. I cannot believe they would stoop so low as to blame their subordinance to “copyright violations.”


    Egypt Copyright Law? If that even existed. And if you’ve ever been to Egypt, you’d LoL.

    Or perhaps USA Copyright Law? Because if so then why weren’t DMCA 512(g) provisions followed? Specifically, upon receiving a counter-notice from 3arabawy Yahoo! should have put the photos back up on Flikr. Not in this case. No appeals process. No DMCA. Taken down. Period.

    The bottom line I guess we’re supposed to believe is that the monsters of torture portrayed in the photos are not actually also American puppets for its rendition program?

    Should make sense why the photos were removed from Flikr. The American government can force an American company to protect & hide photos of the Amn Dowla monsters that our hard earned tax dollars paid for to torture & kill because it would be unconstitutionally cruel & unusual punishment to do the dirty work in the USA.

    Yet another Yahoo! FAIL.

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