Egypt: The revolution will not be exported

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Essam Sharaf, our “revolutionary prime minister,” is flying out on Monday to meet the Arab Gulf monarchs, in a bid to attract foreign investments, and to “assure them the January revolution was a purely Egyptian affair and will not be exported to other countries.”

Sharaf, shame on you. Our revolution should extend its hands to the oppressed people of those countries. The success of our revolution is a function of its spreading in the region. We cannot build a democratic Egypt surrounded by an ocean of dictatorships (and that includes Israel).

  1. Essa

    I totally agree with you but at same time we need the investments currently.
    Egyptians need to get more involved in the economy of the country , they should help till we reach at least stability , after 3 months exactly in Ramadan the necessary products as food , drinks will be at highest demands and you know how we are at ramadan , and that’s really a critical point that we should be aware of , we need to start gathering all money we can now to reach this stability level

  2. mohamed kharoub

    أنا شايف ان ديه دبلوماسية في القرارات و ان فيه مشاكل فعلا مع النظام السعودي …. ان شاء الله يندموا علي اللي هيعملوه معانا في وقت ضعفنا الاقتصادي .. لكن يوم ما هنقوي اقتصادنا هيرجعوا زي الكلاب لان ملهمش غيرنا ندافع عنهم

  3. Essa

    yarab , lazem nebtedy ne3mel 7aga nesa3ed biha el 7okoma fe3lan 3shan ne2awem el balad shuwaya