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The “Supporters of the Palestinian Revolution” Group is calling for a march on Wednesday 27 April, 2:30pm, from Cairo University to the Israeli embassy in Giza, demanding severing of diplomatic and economic relations with Israel, and to restore full rights for Palestinian refugees in Egypt.

The Supporters of the Palestinian Revolution were leftist-led student societies that mushroomed on the Egyptian university campuses in the beginning of the 1970s, and was credit with the student revolt 1971-3. Many of today’s veteran dissidents were members of that group when they were students. Now after the January 2011 revolution, these societies are being revived once again.

And they tell you the Egyptian revolution is domestic and has nothing to do with Israel. Hah!

  1. Yasmine

    I know this is totally ridic, but I’m actually hurt they organized this before I got back from LA.