The Almighty Taboo

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See how the “revolutionary” TV presenter Mahmoud Saad freaked out (6:30) when I mentioned that the army, as a public institution which receives government budget from tax payers’ money, should be put under the monitoring of the people and held accountable for its actions like any other state institutions. How pathetic, especially when this comes from “Tahrir TV.”

Goes to show we only replaced the Mubarak’s taboo with that of the army.

  1. Bazramit (eRapture)

    The man is simply, in my view, incompatible. I couldn’t find a ‘softer’ word to describe Mahmoud Saad’s deliberate and cowardly reaction to your comment that any government entity, paid for by people’s taxes, must be questioned and held accountable by its own people. Saad cut you off claiming that the army is not to be questioned, telling you that you may ‘go anywhere’ but not the army, we trust our army. He adds “How can we question them about their missiles and defense tactics.” What? Wait a minute. That’s not what you were talking about! Mahmoud Saad: You sneaky, manipulative, coward.
    Mahmoud Saad may have have ‘won’ a ticket out of a military hearing, but he lost the respect of many viewers..

  2. M. Barakat

    A Scar on Freedom’s heart what Mahmoud Sa’ad did, and Ibrahim Eissa did the right thing except that he should’ve hosted you back if you agreed. Useless defense by the way Mahmoud Saad should apologize and until then shame on him.

  3. Abla Eldib

    Not tryin to defened mohamed sa’ad here.I’m just trying to look past him as one person.
    This just reminds us with an entire generation that is brought up with the taboo culture.
    The same generation that also doesn’t understand that the tax money is OUR money. No matter who is spending it.

    On the same topic, how many employees know how much tax is being dedacted from Their salaries, without looking at 10000 of papers ?!!

  4. Omar

    Disgraceful behaviour from Saad. What a pathetic statement ‘we have absolute trust, we can’t question their military actions, etc etc’. If tantawi was there he would be licking his shoe.

    I hope this little episode, this warning from the regime awakens the egyptian people to the dangers of military rule in egypt.

  5. Murad

    I agree that you should not be able to question the military council… yet! I believe that Saad should have let you speak, but really, relations between the public and military should be done through the minister of defense, so a new government if Egypt is highly necessary to facilitate regime-public discussions. This is currently army rule, and army rule is never pleasant. The best thing to do is have early elections to break away from army rule, but that means less time for political candidates to establish themselves in Egyptian society.

    I would just like to add that the Syrian army is a nationalist army and over 120 soldiers have been killed, and another 1200 injured, by armed terrorist groups. A very small minority of Syrians is protesting, and mainly on Fridays, (and away from Damascus center and Aleppo) so Saad cannot equate the Syrian situation with the Egyptian situation where a clear majority populist movement took shape.

  6. DangerSonic

    He really showed the kind of person he is,this kind of mind they taught to worship any one sitting on a chair.The next day though Ibrahim 3essa defended you but he couldn’t say that sa3d done wrong.

  7. ثورية

    انا قلت انها مسألة اجيال متربية على الديكتاتورية و الخطوط الحمراء !!! ايوة الجيش مؤسسة خاضعة للنقد ايه المشكلة.. واجب ايه و ابويا و نحترمه؟! منحترمه اه بس ننقده و نسأله و ناخد و ندى معاه زى اى مؤسسه… خليك يا سعد انت فى برنامجك الاجتماعى البيت بيت