SCAF and Essam Sharaf’s cabinet under fire

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As the Tahrir occupation continues, PM Essam Sharaf made a public speech on Saturday evening, whereby he

…ordered the suspension of police accused of killing protesters during the uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak.
Essam Sharaf also said a panel would be created to speed up court cases against them and those accused of corruption.

Earlier in the day, the prosecutor general ordered the re-arrest of head of Suez police and two secret policemen, while in Alexandria the prosecutor ordered the arrest and interrogation of 12 police officers involved in the torture and killing of Sayed Bilal, the salafi young man who was wrongly accused by the State Security Police in January of blowing up the Two Saints Church in Alexandria.

But as always, the government’s “concessions” are vague and meaningless. No names of officers were announced, no transparency, no public trials, no mention of Suzan or Omar Suleiman, and nothing said re the national minimum wage. And of course nothing re halting the military tribunals. Nothing concrete at all. And while promising one of the biggest “restructuring moves” in the history of the interior ministry by mid July, Sharaf’s interior minister, General Mansour el-Essawi, went on Al-Hayat channel, describing the use of the word “purge” as a “silly”.

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Sharaf’s speech doesn’t assure anyone. The protests continue as of time of writing, and in Tahrir Square already thousands are marching demanding Sharaf’s immediate resignation.

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While in Suez, tens of thousands of the city residents are now threatening to block the Suez Canal, and sit-ins continues in other provinces.