Zionism and the Israeli working class

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Israeli students can protest high prices of housing rent. Israeli doctors can go on strike over work conditions. But not a single sector in the Israeli labor and student movements would voice criticism of what their state is doing to the Palestinians few kilometers away from where they are. The Israeli working class is a hopeless case. It’s totally under the control of Zionism from the inception of the state of the Israel.

Forget about a “revolution” in apartheid Israel. Yes, they are engaged in class struggle, but all Israelis are united at the end of the day in their material, economic, political interests versus the Palestinians.

This apartheid state must be dismantled. And the Egyptian working class holds the key to liberation.

  1. Joshua Dunn

    I live in the US, it’s a similar situation with these people I often fear.
    The place I live (the Coachella valley in Southern California) is a relatively small area geographically but is one with a widely disparate population economically; from billionaires to farm workers.

    Although increasingly the working class and poor are expressing their dis-satisfaction and dis-enfranchisement as they are edged out of the “mainstream” while they struggle to become a part of it, they are simultaneously lulled into passivity by the prototypical American lie that they are “free” and “happy.”

    There are, of course, isolated areas or incidents where a measure of resolution regarding these circumstances exists, but revolution, though it is the founding mechanism of this Country, has been sufficiently dissuaded by fear (if not placation). People by and large sit in front of their TV’s with a beer (or in front of a speaker playing hip-hop with a joint) secretly hating their government while they cower in fear of it.

    As is it’s a lose lose.

    America and Americans have a lot of potential to become a part of the solution rather than the problem, but they are like baby birds, dependent on the regurgitation of their mother.

  2. Bernard Gadoua, Montréal

    This statement is exactly what i mean when i call the israeli apartheid regime: national-zionist. You can be from left or from right in Israel but your ideological enrolment give you a political identity which is transcendantal to your class position. There is no left-wing or right-wing zionists, there is a national cohesive way designed to oppress the non-jews! The connotation with national-socialism (nazis) is not arbitrary in this sense because theirs roots are the same : totalitarian thought! (And in this case it’s coming from the XIXe slavic thought, like stalinism)!

  3. lidia

    Yes, exactly. The Histadrut (Labor Federation) was a racist tool of Zionism long before the Nakba. it was developed with the clear aim – “Jewish labor”, i.e. cleansing Palestinians out of labor market in favor of Zionists.

    The absolute majority of Jews in Israel are Zionists and racists. More than that, some people who are not Jews (by the religious Halaha law) but were let in Israel by the racist “law of return” are no less racists and Zionists – because they are still privileged above Palestinians.