Gestapo Clones

After dissolving State Security Police, Mubarak’s gestapo which enjoyed close relations with their counterparts in the US, the government founded قطاع الأمن الوطني which was given an official name in English, Homeland Security. They even adopted a logo similar to their American patrons. How more metaphoric and anecdotal can one get?


  • Alia says:


  • Bassem says:


  • reham says:

    bta3na na7eef we met2as2as resho w badge el 3adala kabes 3la anfaso.. w masek ward fi eideh el2tnein le7ad ma sa7bo elli ta7t yb3atlo shwaya mn elli 3ndo

    btw .. swap their positions.. child goes after ;)

  • Alaa says:

    أوعي وشك والكرياتيفتي

  • Ghazey says:

    3shan te3raf bas homa by2aldona ezay fi kol 7aga ;)

  • fakharotta says:

    هي ام زهرة اللوتس دي اللي مش هتفارقنا. سر النحس. لاحظ كل الكباري عليها.

  • fakharotta says:

    شوية بقر ساقطين ثانوي وعايشين حياتهم في جهل فكري وثقافي ومقضينها علاقات منحطه وكل حاجه بتخلص بالتليفون وجمايل ورشاوي عمره ما هيكون عنده ندعه ابتكار او تفكير سوي. ده ايه القذاره دي. زي متروح تأجر بودي جارد عشان يحميك، يقوم يعذبك ويهينك ويسرقك ويهتك عرضك، بفلوسك وانت ساكت. ده كان حالنا مع الداخليه. دول يعلموا اليهود الوساخه. لا مؤاخذه طولت….. (;

  • Ana says:

    Thank you for showing what is really happening in Egypt.
    We don’t know what is happening and people like Gigi Ibrahim is causing more confusion and doing a mockery of Egyptian’s revolution.
    It’s clear to me that she doesn’t represent Egypt but for many people the propaganda works.
    This is so sad.
    I wish I knew Arabic.

    • 3arabawy says:

      Thanks you Ana for all the support and kind words. But I can assure Gigi is a sincere activist who’s done lots of organizing work on the ground in support of the revolution.
      Warmest regards,