Salma Said

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For three days on the row, the interior ministry’s Central Security Forces have been waging a war similar to what the Israelis are doing in Palestine, firing tear gas, rubber bullets and bird shots at unarmed protesters.

Salma Said سلمى سعيد

The latest victim is Salma Said, a leftist blogger who’s been active for years against the Mubarak’s dictatorship.

Salma Said injured

Salma received a hail of bird shots from an officer manning an armored vehicle that was terrorizing protesters in Bab el-Louq.

Salma Said injured

  1. Nora Soliman

    Courage Salma – we will win this fight against tyranny and oppression.

  2. Mark

    Enti bemeet ragel ya salma, thanks for being brave, with all my respect

  3. Zana

    Un saludo Compañera, mucha suerte, mucha fuerza y muchas gracias.
    Desde León España
    A Companion greeting, very lucky, very strong and thank you very much.
    From Leon Spain