The state-run unions, loyal servants of SCAF

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In the past, the state-backed unions played a central role in controlling and/or mobilizing the working class on behalf of Mubarak. Today, the continue to be the loyal servants of the regime and its new masters, the army junta.

The state-run federation general unions incited against the February 11th general strike calls in the media and workplaces. The picture below I took during the 10 February march on the Ministry of Defense is just one example.

State-Run Transport Union Anti-Strike Banner
The state-run public transport workers distributed banners and forced drivers on stick them on their buses, denouncing the strike calls. I and other protesters had a chat with the driver above, and he assured us he had nothing to do with this banner and he was coerced by his managers into sticking it on the bus.

  1. yqxo

    State Unions are a problem.

    Is there plan to dissolve or change the state unions? Among activists?

    Politicians are afraid of strikes that would evidently cause: Hurting the economy on short term, and politics in Egypt at the moment is all about short term popularity.