Morsi, SCAF and the revolutionary left

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My commentary, posted on Jadaliyya.

  1. Jackson

    Hello, really enjoyed this article…

    You mentioned the neoliberal reforms Islamic Sharia means for el-Shatter and provide a link written in arabic. Unfortunately, being a egyptian-america, I can not read or write arabic. Is there any other link or translation to that article in english that you can provide to understand el-Shatter’s neoliberal views of Islamic Sharia.


  2. Sheila McGregor


    I too was relieved to hear that Mursi had won and I was so pleased to read this article. i would have like to have been in Tahrir selling papers and giving out a statement, working to win over the best elements of those who support Mursi for president. Mursi’s victory does mean that the counterrevolution was scared of going the whole way. That’s good. It gives a breathing space for the revolution to regroup and prepare for the battles which are bound to come!!
    The masses understood the need to vote Mursi to keep out Shafiq!!
    Been talking about this to people in school and will forward the link to them.

  3. Rama

    الاخوان مش على هذا القدر من الضعف في حين الان الاشتراكيين الثوريين بيكسبوا بعض من جمهور الاخوان, الاخوان بيكسبوا قطاعات اكبر من المصريين الغير منتمين للفكر الاسلامي عن طريق تصدير فكرة انهم حماة الثورة و بعد كدة هيستخدموا ده في التغطية على كتابة الدستور و عمل قوانين تحد بشدة من حرية التنظيم و الاضراب و نشر الافكار المختلفة عن افكارهم بالاضافة الى سيطرة تامة على الاعلام و توجيهه لدعمهم و غض البصر عن كل عيوب تناقدات سياساتهم

  4. Fuzzy Donlop

    Not a bad article, but I disagree with your analysis of how fascist organizations operate. Fascist organizations do not seek the sole destruction of organized labor, that is in fact the aim of capitalists. Rather, fascists seek the perfection of a nation, race, or ethnicity through political alliances between business, government, and indeed labor. Because racial, national, and ethnic differences are ultimately socially constructed, fascism is an ideology extremely dependent on the local conditions in which it is derived from, unlike capitalism or for that matter socialism, which are very much to be internationally applied. The working class does not do very well under fascism, but it doesn’t do nearly as bad as it does under capitalism. The nazis relied very heavily on a healthy working class to responsibly operate their vast war industries, for example.

    Therefore, I would agree with your assessment that the working class members of the MB believe the MB will represent their interests, but I think whether the MB can be designated a fascist or capitalistic organization has yet to be determined. I believe that designation will rely just on how they decide to treat labor; if they decide to destroy, it they will be capitalist, if not, most likely fascists. Either way, radical leftists will have to depose of them in the end if the workers hope to attain true economic liberty for themselves.