At least 150,000 Egyptians demonstrate in solidarity with Gaza

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I’m watching Al-Jazeera. The channel is reporting that from 150,000 to quarter of a million Egyptians have participated in demonstrations in solidarity with Gaza, yesterday and today.

The protesters are calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and severing all diplomatic and economic ties with the Zionist state.

  1. Strelnikov

    It won’t happen because nobody in the Egyptian government wants a declaired or undeclaired war with Israel, and sending their ambassador back would probably kick off a conflict. It would be better if everybody in Cairo spit in a jar, and that collected spittle were splashed on the Knesset while it was in session.

  2. Thouwra Qawim

    Arab leaders do not lead the Arab world; they are leading some utterly fictitious people. If the leaders actually lead the Arab world, SO many things would be entirely different.