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  • Piggipedia: MOI reshuffle: Another musical chairs game

    Under pressure national protests in Tahrir, Suez, Alexandria and elsewhere, on Wednesday General Mansour el-Essawi has described his ministry’s reshuffle as “the biggest” in its history. The reshuffle covers 4,000 police officers according to the minister who stated that the ministry ended the service of 505 major-generals and brigadier-generals and 82 colonels. These include 18 […]

  • Piggipedia: SS General Amr L’Assar اللواء عمرو الأعصر

    From SS Officers Amr L’Assar is a State Security Police general whose photos I found on the Nasr City SS DVDs. I don’t have information about his previous work with SS, but he’s now part of the newly founded National Security Sector’s Public Relations Department.

  • Beheira pigs not held accountable

    Police General Magdi Abu Qamar, Beheira’s security director during the uprising, whose troops were involved in the murder of protesters, has been promoted, according to the Nadim Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence. The infamous SS officer Mohannad Abul Einein (seen above shooting at Damanhour protesters during the uprising) is still a free […]

  • Piggipedia: SS Colonel Hisham el-Khateeb

    Activists yesterday managed to shut down the “celebrations” held by the Alexandria Library, where a number of police officers were to be “honored” part of a “Conference for reconciling relations between the police and the people”. Among those to be “honored” was SS Colonel Hisham el-Khateeb, who is now part of the newly founded National […]