SS torturers will remain in service, under new name

A “big number of State Security Police officers” will be part of the newly formed National Security Sector, a senior security source told the daily Shorouk.

This is totally unacceptable. SS was an agency solely devoted to torture, surveillance, corruption cover up, profiteering, murder, rape and fabrication of terror cases. Every single member of that organization, from the informers to the generals must be put on trial and pay for their crimes.

Khaled Gharraba خالد غرابة

General Khaled Gharraba اللواء خالد غرابة

General Khaled Gharraba, the former head of Criminal Investigations Division at the Gharbeia Province Security Directorate, whose men oversaw the mass detentions and torture of protesters during the Mahalla April 2008, was rewarded a promotion in 2010, by General Habib el-Adly, becoming the security director of Alexandria’s eastern sector.

General Gharraba is now the police chief of Alexandria, and you can see him in the video below, promising the Alexandrian citizens last Friday a “new age where the citizens come first”:

Yeah, right! People like you should be in prison for the torture and the fabrication of charges against the poor people of Mahalla!

We cannot keep this musical chairs game going on for long. Not only do we need to dissolve the State Security Police and Central Security Forces, but also we have to put all those interior ministry officials who were involved in torture and repression on trial. They have to face justice.

Musical Chairs

Talking of “reform and the restructuring” of the interior ministry:
Ahmad Abdel Basset, the Daqahliya Security Director who commanded the crackdown, murder and torture of the protesters in the province during the uprising, has now been transferred to lead the Security Directorate in Alexandria.

مدير امن الدقهلية فى قلب التظاهره

In Beheira, prisoners rioted in Al-Ab’adiya as soon as they received news that Police Colonel Sami Zeitun, the Criminal Investigations Liaison Officer in prison and who is involved in torture, was returned to service in the prison once more. The police responded to the riot with live ammunition, killing three inmates according to the Interior Ministry’s statement. The prisoners however say at least 10 were killed.