SS officers return to universty campuses, 83 Lt Colonels recycled in other police departments

A security source told Al-Masry Al-Youm that 83 State Security Police Lt. Colonels have been transferred to different departments and directorates of the interior ministry. A number of officers from the same rank, however, will join the newly founded National Security Sector “temporarily to benefit from their expertise.”

قطاع الأمن الوطني

The daily Dustour more alarmingly has reported the return of the same SS officers in charge of the monitoring student activities back to Cairo University campus on Thursday, but this time as National Security Sector officers. In other words, they just took off their SS hats and put on the NSS.

It’s unacceptable that we sit idly and watch PM Essam Sharaf play with us little deadly game of musical chairs. Every single member of SS, from the informers to the Generals must be put on trial. This is an agency that was solely devoted to torture, surveillance, murder, rape and the protection of the corrupt Mubarak clique. They have to be in jails, not recycled in other departments. Those criminal elements are central to the counterrevolution that is gearing up in Egypt and their threat has to be neutralized as soon as possible. Egypt will be a safer place when those SS members are behind bars.

UPDATE: Al-Mesreyoon publishes the names of the SS officers who returned to service at Cairo University: Medhat Atef Hashad, deputy head of the Giza SS bureau and who’s in charge of the Cairo University file, Lt. Colonel Hossam Nabil Hassan and Major Ahmad Tamer Fareed.