SS ‘leaders’ assigned new posts

Sixty six brigadier generals, described by Al-Masry Al-Youm as “leading members” of the dissolved State Security Police, have been assigned new posts in the Interior Ministry’s security directorates and agencies.

Al-Masry Al-Youm neither specified which agencies and directorates those brigadiers were transferred to nor did it release the names of the officers in the report, which also said that 23 SS generals had their service terminated.

Earlier Shrouk had quoted a “senior security source” saying a “big number of State Security Police officers” will be part of the newly formed National Security Agency.

From SS Officers

Already among the infamous SS names we know are part of the new interior ministry leadership is General Mortada Ibrahim, who should be thrown in jail for leading the division in charge of surveillance, phone bugging and wiretapping, but instead he’s been rewarded the post of the Interior Minister’s Assistant for Research and Planning.

From SS Officers

And moreover, it seems General Hisham Abdel Fattah Abu Gheida, will not face trial for his involvement in torture and corruption. The general has been awarded a new post as the Interior Minister’s Assistant for Guards and Security Division.

And the musical chairs game continues.

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  • Ben says:

    Are they being appointed to real decision-making positions or are they being given posts to ensure they don’t create troubles?

    In the end I agree that those guys should be tried and sent to jail, but still, the question matters.