#EgyWorkers updates

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University professors will gather tomorrow, Tuesday, 12:30pm in front of their club headquarters, and will stage a march in support of the revolution, joining the protesters in Tahrir.

Also, tomorrow 12 noon, journalists will gather at their syndicate, in an emergency meeting to lobby for impeaching their state-backed syndicate head, Makram Muhammad Ahmad.

And more importantly, on Wednesday 11am, the three independent unions we have in Egypt (Property Tax Collectors, Health Technicians and Pensioners’ Federation) will demonstrate in front of the headquarters of the state backed Egyptian Federation of Trade Unions, in Galaa Street, calling for the prosecution of the federation head on corruption charges, lifting all restrictions on establishing free unions. The civil servants will then mobilize a march to Tahrir Square in support of the revolution.

Already today, Monday, the employees at the Workers’ University in Nasr City, bossnaped Mostafa Mongui, the vice president of the Egyptian Federation of Trade Unions.

THESE ARE FANTASTIC DEVELOPMENTS. We need to take the fight to the factories and workplaces. Only a general strike will bring this regime down once and for all.