Anti-Zionism, Anti-Imperialism and the #Jan25 revolution

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Some DC pundits have been repeatedly on satellite TV stations claiming the Egyptian revolution had nothing to do with Israel or the US. Some even go as far as claiming this was “purely an internal affair.”

Those self described “ME experts” tend to neither know a word of Arabic nor visited Tahrir Square during the mass protests. The roots of this Egyptian revolt date back to September 2000, when street activism was revived again following a decade of dirty wary between the regime and the Islamist militants. There is a chain reaction linking those protests which broke out in solidarity with the Palestinian intifada to the current revolt.

Anyways, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Wanted سفاح جاسوس حرامي زعيم عصابة

  1. nevsh

    Beautiful pictures. I think it’s an internal affair in that we DO NOT WANT American and Israel to dictate our internal politics and international affairs….Instead, we want the PEOPLE to dictate this..

    What scares me now is to make sure that the U.S. and Israel don’t take part in making sure we elect the president they want. I was discussing this with a friend of mine who’s a political science professor and an expert on democratization. She informed me that there is a huge business consisting of “constitutional consultants” that make sure constitutions around the world are in accordance with U.S. interests. Apparently she knows of a few “experts” who are in Egypt right now discussing things….and one of them is particularly evil..

    But I think people are less naiive today and won’t be fed bullshit that easily.

  2. Iman Mosharafa

    Bad timing for such article Hossam;
    your AUC colleague,


    Cameron’s visit to Egypt, later McCain and Liberman’s visit from USA to Egypt were all designed to exert influence on the Egyptian presidential choice in future elections and to make SURE that US and Israelian interests are protected and reinforced by whatever constitutional changes occur in Egypt. The US and Uk and Israel are the real axis of EVIL. They use enormous pressure and economic and military means to get their way and repress and oppose real indivivual freedoms. Their real interests are the Jewish bankers of the US and UK and the maintenance of the artificial state of Israel.

  4. Kellie Strøm

    I wonder how numbers of people resenting Israel & US because of long history of support for Mubarak compare with numbers resenting Mubarak for support of Israel and US policy, as these are different motivations that could lead to similar slogans.

  5. brindismom

    Picking up on the previous comment, it might be instructive for people to read up on the history of the recent Iraq constitution. Paul Bremer and others corrupted what was a very democratic and proper document, removing key elements and adding others that did indeed assert the interests of oil and other corporations. Very disturbing, also very rarely examined.

  6. Maha

    عمل رائع! مصر بتليق عليها العروبة!

  7. Robert

    Just curious… does that mean that you don’t want any US tourist or money?

  8. Dovy

    As an Orthodox Jewish anti-Zionist I would even say that the whole revolution in Egypt would really be crippled if it allowed the Zionist agenda to sneak through and dominate policy!