General Tarek Mahmoud el-Rakaybi اللواء طارق محمود الركايبي

From SS Officers

State Security Police General Tarek Mahmoud el-Rakaybi, whose photos I found on the SS DVDs, was one of the senior officials in the agency, before he was promoted in 2009 by General Habib el-Adly, the interior minister, to head the General Police Directorate of Private Guards, which provides bodyguards to govt officials and important business facilities. When the service provided to facilities, the directorate used to impose financial sums of money on the business, though it’s the duty already of the police to protect public security and that includes any facilities. In previous interviews I conducted with retired Brigadier General Mahmoud el-Qutri, he described this directorate as “the goose that lays the golden eggs” for the interior ministry.

El-Rakaybi’s is accused in a financial corruption scandal, where he as well as other SS officers including Hisham Abu Gheida, were receiving illicit sums of money from the ministry of trade and industry that amount to LE147,000 on a bimonthly basis.

Photos of el-Rakaybi were censored by Flickr, but I uploaded them here.