2 thoughts on “Piggipedia on AJ Stream”

  1. Joan H Craig

    I appreciated you AJE broadcast yesterday. The Muslim Brotherhood guy was interesting too, the more so after I read the article by @SultanAlQassemi this morning. The MB guy ‘fluffled'(my new word) his answer about the place of women in the MB. That was par for the course, no doubt. However, it was a pity it was not taken up (out of time, I suppose), so that the truth of the MB position on women can be made clear to voters.

  2. I think you should contact Wikileaks or one of the sites that is copying them so that Flickr can’t remove the images in question because of a “copyright violation.”

    Please be careful comrade. I hate to be pessimistic, but do not forget the fate of Liebknecht and Luxemburg. Be careful and stay safe!! I have a bad feeling.

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