Torture in Hadra Prison

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The above video has been circulating in the Egyptian blogosphere for a while. It purportedly shows a “welcome party” handed down by Alexandria’s Hadra Prison officers and corporals to a new truckload of prisoners. This video has been uploaded to youtube on 8 March, the abuse is believed to have happened sometime after January.

The Hadra prison is one of the most notorious prisons in the north (together with Borg el-Arab). Rights groups have already recorded several cases of torture in that facility.

Has the above video been investigated by General Mansour el-Essawi, the interior minister? Has it been investigated by the public prosecutor? Have those torturers, whose identities could be easily found by the interior ministry, been held accountable?

  1. Tarek Lasheen

    a7a ya welad elshar***

    this the least you expect from them actually they were pretty merciful in this case!!!