Alexandria’s Friday of Anger

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Alexandria’s Raml Police Station, one of the coastal city’s most notorious torture centers, torched down by protesters on the Friday of Anger following the involvement of its officers in shooting live ammunition at protesters.

  1. amina

    What is astounding is that no one thought to ask of us: Why all the jubilation when a police precinct is set on fire or when police are pushed back by the people they are supposed to protect? Would the same joy be voiced by citizens in New York or London or Paris when a police precinct is burned down? Why hasn’t anyone asked, out of Egypt, “Why do Egyptians hate their police so very much?” That is the question they should have asked us from day 1…repression, oppression, torture, murder, robbery, bribery, threats, violence, the police are not here to implement the law, they are here to subjucate by any means…and when that doesn’t work, call in the troops…but are 80 million Egyptians capable of bringing down Godzilla & all it’s hatchlings alone? The layer is hard baked & teflon tough & will take time to scour off…for the mindset must change and believe, that yes, it is very feasable indeed…with total teamwork….