Bulaq torturers to be tried

The Bulaq al-Dakrour Police Station agents involved in the sexual abuse of driver Emad Kabeer have been officially referred by the prosecutor to court, reports Al-Masry Al-Youm today.

The South Cairo Prosecutor decided yesterday that Police Captain Islam Nabih Abdel Salam Awad, 29, and Police Corporal Reda Fathi el-Sayyed Abu Fatma, 28, would face charges of torture in court on 9 January.

(Correction: Their trial is not expected to start before March, Emad’s lawyer Nasser Amin told me.)

No decision yet has been announced in the case of Lieutenant Mustafa Shehata of El-Haram Police Station (seen in action below), but Al-Masry Al-Youm said his prosecution was “imminent.”

Photographer Ahmad el-Masry also managed to photograph the torturer Islam Nabih while leaving the Prosecutor’s office yesterday:

إسلام نبيه

8 thoughts on “Bulaq torturers to be tried”

  1. god i can’t believe my eyes. the torturers are mere animals. good that they are to stand trial.

  2. its realy hard of me to belive a man with a great uniform that present the pride of his nation can be lower of the low.These people are disgrace to the nation and making every uniform man and women to be x.
    the only way to bring back the trust of the uniform back is these people to be proscuted in an open forum court with the top un corepted judges if there are any left

  3. This man and any one witnessed this incident without trying to stop it must face trial and must never work in the police field again, and be deprived of any kind of work that has to deal with citizens. Hasby Allah wa Nem Al Wakil, and any way their punishment is awaiting them Inshallah in both life and in the judgment day. Allahum Ameen.

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