Mustafa Shehata to face administrative investigation

Police Lieutenant Mustafa Shehata who appeared in the notorious “slaps” video will be referred to an “administrative punitive board within the Giza Security Directorate,” reported Al-Masry Al-Youm. This means basically Shehata will sit in front of a bunch of fellow police officers to be judged for showering detainee Ahmad Gad with slaps (and who knows what else happened without being recorded).

The charges leveled against Shehata include employing “brute force” against a citizen in custody. Egyptian law does not recognize “torture” except if the abuse fiesta’s purpose was “extracting information.” The same goes for Police Captain Islam Nabih and Corporal Reda Fathi, who sexually abused driver Emad Kabeer in Bulaq al-Dakrour Police Station. They will face charges of “employing brute force” against a citizen, and not “torture.” Why? Because they inserted a stick up Emad’s ass for the sake of fun, and not for “extracting information.”

Al-Masry Al-Youm also reported that Shehata identified the detainee in the video clip, but accused him of being a child molester, and denied abusing him in anyway.

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  1. This “administrative punitive board” is bullshit, this is one aspect that proves torture in Egypt is systemic for the regime not just some sporadic individual incidents. Is this procedure the same as any citizen would go through for the same crime? Course not.

    This crime has many faces that are already hidden and need to be kinda explored. Where is the victim? It is said that he had escaped to Libya, shouldn’t this initiate and independent investigation by itself? Mostafa Shehata was not the only on the torture clip, why is he the only one being investigated? What about this other young police officer that was making faces and nasty symbols with his hand? Why Mostafa was not detained as Islam was? How come Islam Nabih manages to spend his 3 months in a special detention place that is managed and supervised by the Ministry Of Internal Affairs which he belongs to? Questions, questions and questions, but no answer and most of us Egyptian citizens feel disgusted about the whole matter but more astonished that famous political writers and newspapers are not asking them. They all felt satisfied – even proud – that they could bring the officer to justice, but what justice, it does not seem matter much to them.

  2. It is very funny that after such a fuss –and it will only be a fuss, since the police in Egypt do not and will not respect the people- the interior minister ‘Habib El Adley” stated that all people who enters the police stations should enter without their mobiles …. So the solution from his prospective is to cover this acts and not to solve them … conclusion “how dare you fu….ing citizens to take such clips” instead how dare such brutal officers to do such things in us” and that says it all

  3. Message to all the egyptians tyrants, starting from the fucking Egyptian president and his Family and all the egyptian government members, I point this fucking message to all and every body in egypte that watched this event inside al haram police station and he did not reacted against this fucking regime of this fucking egyptian life without any dignitary and respect for thes poor people

    ALLAH WILL REVENGE FROM ALL THIS people that steal and making the poor egyptians people living without any dignitary.

    Message to all the egyptians that they want their childrens living better than this life,


    GET UP, STAND up, DO not GIVE UP THE FIGHT. ALLAH WITH US Because we refusing all these insults, against our people , our women, our childrens,etc……

  4. unbelivable i thought Egyptian Governement believe about human right, but now neveeeeeeer,, i am realy shocked

  5. 3ady ana 3ayz a3rf aih ely byhsl el nas klha bttklm 3la el mwdo3 ama nshof 72e2a wla hgs

  6. والله يعنى لما يكون واحد متهم باغتصاب طفل وياخولده كام الم ده ولا حاجة المفروض يتجلد على اللى عمله فى طفل بريء ايه يعنى كام الم خدهم

  7. Insulting people by the police men in Egypt is a crazy thing and not acceptable. I am an Egyptian live outside Egypt and I really don’t feel like going back to my beloved country!!

  8. Dear AA

    There has not been a fair trial or proof that the man raped a kid, so the police officer did not have the right to slap him (and never should have)

    If you think so, then koll wa7ed ya7.od 7a2oo be dera3ooo we mal3oon aboo el kanun

    even though technically speaking that’s the case in Egypt (thanks to seyadtoo wel regime beta3oo), we should never have tolerance for it.

  9. for who’s talking about america and israel and whatever,,, oh my god people are we still hanging all our problems on america’s hanger and shoulder. what happened is really inhumaine and disastress to the extent that it created feeling of anger and violent inside of me and inside any egyptian but we shouldn’t hang our screw ups and garbage on any other thing.we need interior act not exteriour one whoever did that is an ”egyptian” officer and the one to blame is the one who gave him the right and the power to abuse and insult people

  10. يسرى زغلول

    الى معالى وزير الدخلية….هل مازلت تذكر… ايام روض الفرج… ايام امن الدولة؟
    كم من رجالك فى وعيهم الكامل اثناء عملهم الوطنى… 1…2…3بالمائة ….احلفك ..بحياة ابنك الغالى انك تعملهم تحليل طبى للكشف عن نسبة المخدرات التى يتعطونها.
    فى فسم الساحل.روض الفرج. شبرا والزاوية والشربية ولا مدريةامن القاهرة وكمل الباقى حضرتك ولا تنسى ان تبلغ النتيجة الحقيقية بامانة الى فخامة الرئيس
    وربنا على المفترى

    يسرى زغلول شبرا

  11. well if the man did rape a child i think he deserved those slapes that pervert, i’m with the cop in that, how wud u feel if u were the one raped,or ur lil bro. think slappin that man’s face won’t even let u feel any better,think he deserved it

  12. علاء الصعيدي السوهاجي

    حرام اللي بيحصل وبنسمعه ده عن ضباط المسخره عفوا الشرطة
    بصراحه المفروض الشعب يعمل مظاهرات ضد الشرطة وارجو من الجماعات الارهابية ان تغتال أكبر عدد من ضباط الشرطة لانهم اوساخ واندال واولاد كلب بصراحه انا عن نفسي وبصفتي صعيدي حمش من سوهاج مركز البلينا قرية زرابي برخيل اقولها للجميع الشرطة واولاد وسخه وشكرا

  13. First would say hi to every one interset with this issue!!!!

    lel2asaf e7na b2ena bentkalem we bs!!!!! law kol wa7ed 2a3ad ma3 nafso we fakar kowais 7ayla2y en el nas ely homa our dad’s and grand fathers homa dol ely kano regala laken delw2ty kol wa7ed beygry 3ala akl 3esho we bey2olak ya 3am 7’aleny fe 7aly ana maly we mal el mashakel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we nerga3 no2l 7anfedal netkalem 3alatol!!!!

    Ana lel2asaf ba2et bakrah masr!!!!!!!!!! bas masr el nas mesh el 2ard.

    lazem ne3’ayar nafsena 2abl man7’aly el nas te3’ayar nafsaha

    shokran le kol wa7ed 7awel ye3’ayar men nafso


  14. ابن البلد

    أنا مع ضرورة الحفاظ علي آدمية الإنسان ومع ضرورة العمل علي عدم الاهانة ولكن هناك بعض الحوادث التي اعتقد انها من الممكن ان يحدث بها بعض التجاوزات … فأرجو من صانع التحقيق ان يتخيل ان يكون الطفل المعتدي عليه هو اخوه او ابنه وفجأة وجد الانسان امامه … بالله عليك الن تقتله … هناك بلاشك بعض التجاوزات من رجال الشرطة وهذه التجاوزات تتم في اكبر الدول التي تزعم انها تتعامل بحرية وماحادث الاعتداء علي السائق الزنجي في امريكا عن الاذهان ببعيد … فبصراحة انا في البداية تعاطفت مع المضروب عندما شاهدت الظابط يضربة ولكن عندما علمت الجريمة المتهم فيها تمنيت ان اكون مكان هذا الضابط لأقوم بنفسي واضربه واسال السادة الباكين علي حقوق الانسان في هذا الكليب … ماعقوبة هذا الحيوان في الشريعة الاسلامية
    حكموا ضمائركم وأقسم بالله لايوجد لي قريب او صديق ضابط ولكنها الامانه الانسانية

  15. mamon_45678

    لا للتعديل الدستورى كفايه استفزاز فى الشعب حسبنا الله ونعمه الوكيل

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