Piggipedia: SS Colonel Hisham el-Khateeb

Activists yesterday managed to shut down the “celebrations” held by the Alexandria Library, where a number of police officers were to be “honored” part of a “Conference for reconciling relations between the police and the people”. Among those to be “honored” was SS Colonel Hisham el-Khateeb, who is now part of the newly founded National Security Sector (NSS).

Khateeb, according to activist sources in Alexandria, was in charge of the youth movements in the province. He’s been personally involved in repeated attacks on socialists, ElBaradei supporters, and demonstrators during the Khaled Said protests and Palestine solidarity events. Khateeb was also part of the officers’ squad which shot at protesters trying to storm Alexandria’s SS headquarters in an attempt to stop the officers from destroying the agency’s documents on 4 March 2011. He was whisked away by the army on that night after protesters showered him with the beatings he pretty much deserved.

Part of the police musical chairs game PM Essam Sharaf‘s cabinet is currently playing, Khateeb still retains his position, under the new banner of the NSS.

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  1. Khaled Khalil

    to be accurate, we didn’t plan to ‘storm’ the ss headquaters, but one thing led to another.

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