Army and police massacre protesters at Maspero

The army and police committed a horrible massacre against peaceful protesters today in Maspero, Cairo. Army vehicles ran over protesters. Live ammunition was used. Extensive rounds of tear gas were fired, and showers of beatings from the military police, the central security forces and plainclothes thugs.

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At least 19 people have been killed, and more than 150 injured. The toll keeps rising.

The Army also stormed Al-Hurra and 25 January TV stations, and took them off air. The Egyptian state run TV is inciting the public against the “Coptic protesters” and even called on the citizens to take to the streets to “protect the army”!! SCAF is trying to instigate a sectarian civil war.

The protesters are not only Copts. There are Muslims present in the protests too and are talking active part in resisting the police and the army. There are ongoing battles as I’m writing now. The unifying chants in downtown Cairo is against the army and field marshal Tantawi. Protesters are chanting: “Muslims and Christians… One hand!” and “Death to the Field Marshal.”

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  • Tamer Ibrahim says:

    A “horrible” massacre? Is there a polite massacre?

  • rayya el zein says:

    Thank you for posting, Hossam, and so quickly.

  • Gary McNally says:

    What are the excuses the state are using? I saw a report on the BBC blaming Muslims for attacking a Copt church. Is there any truth in this or is it a lie to stir up sectarianism?

    Are people in Egypt buying the state line?

  • Icelander says:

    Just saw a report about this on Sky News, <30 sec long and only said that violent protesters had been sprayed with teargas. What total bullshit!

  • X says:

    @Gary McNally: Yes, this is entirely true. Salafis spent from 3 to 5 hours tearing down a church for no reason. The army did nothing to stop them, and this is what ignited the protests.

  • Andolia says:

    “salafis” is that what they call people dressed as orthodox Muslims who work for imperial intelligence agencies nowadayz?
    How convenient this must be before election time, for Tantawi and his masters who pay his checks!

  • neekfil gaysh says:

    I saw a Salafi arsehole in Tahrir telling people that Christians burnt copies of Quran.. that was like 3 hours ago

  • hanan says:

    SCAF is either stupid,
    a saboteur of democratic transition by divide and conquer,
    or adding one file to the chaos to make it impossible for it to leave power, just like Mubarak.
    The stupidity is beyond measures. SCAf is even acting his own interest by alientating Western allies.

  • jeff neff says:

    Try all you want, whether the military, the remnants of the NDP, or the new Axis of Evil (US, Israel, Saudi Arabia) the people WILL BE FREE!!

  • contoon says:

    this is all true the christians are suffering! they are being attacked by the army! however when the muslims had a deathly protest, the army decided to protect them! But when christians decide to have a peaceful protest: to stop others from burning down holy churches, they are attacked! why? does this look fair?? But Our Lord Jesus Christ will show them when he comes to save his people from the evil that has been brought upon the innocent coptic orthodox people. Amen.

  • Ines says:

    The mask slipped, for me, as early as March 19, when our heroic army officers undertook to subject female protesters to “virginity tests” and male protesters to electric shocks and beatings. I was still naive enough to be utterly shocked that the SCAF generals defended the abusers. Since then, the treasonous SCAF and its pet government have sunk further and further into evil.

    Following the pattern of their mentor, Mubarak, our military tyrants have now engineered a “sectarian” crisis to distract people from our real and only enemy: the foreign-sponsored and financed military dictatorship that is killing us, in every way possible.

    I will scream if I hear another statement issued by the SCAF assuring the public that they will bring the criminal perpetrators of crimes at Maspero to justice. As though the coldblooded murder of civilians using army tanks doesn’t count as a crime. As has been thoroughly documented in raw video footage, THEY are the criminals, and there are 329 wounded and at least 24 mutilated corpses to prove it.