Crackdown on pro-Gaza protesters

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UPDATE: Here’s a video, by El-Badeel’s Omar Said, of a number of protesters, who managed to re-assemble in Klot Beik Street, downtown Cairo, following the rounding up of hundreds from Ramses Sq.

I’m at the office, gathering news from our correspondents in the streets. Most of our photographers have been assaulted today, and had their memory cards confiscated. Some rushed back to the office, and got new memory cards and are now back in the streets. We are also receiving news of a renewed crackdown in Alexandria.

The day is not over yet. Extensive coverage with photos and field reports from our correspondents in Cairo and the provinces will be available in tomorrow’s issue of El-Badeel. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: We are receiving tons of pix at El-Badeel of the clashes that took place today in Ramses. Here is one of them, taken by Nasser Nouri.

Plainclothes Police thugs assault pro-Gaza protesters in Ramses Square. Photo by Nasser Nouri, taken on 2 December 2008