Police assault journalist Ali Zalat

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Al-Masry Al-Youm journalist Ali Zalat was brutally assaulted yesterday by State Security thugs while covering the pro-Gaza demos in downtown Cairo. The police left him unconscious in the street and even tried to detain those who were trying to take him to the hospital.

Finally, some of the protesters and colleagues managed to fight the police and carry Ali to the Red Crescent Hospital.

  1. hajar

    السلام علیک
    i am an iranian girl. very worry about gazah and extrimely angry of weak and wicked governments like egypt and soudi arabia. first days of assualt of isriel i expect egyptians demonstration and protest again their government for opening rafah and it was strange why dont you do any thing. in fact i had forgotten that ihis could be so dangerous for you. causing jail and such. any way it seems that you are not silent. god bless you.
    my friends and i are looking for some egyptians to commiunicate about ways that we both can do for supporting gazan people and hamas. i hope you not be of those arab people who think iraninans are not real muslem and hamas are fighting for them.

  2. Monica

    Spain pro-Gaza. Here you can see demonstrations’ photos.
    Palestine will win!

    Peaceful new year to all.