#Jan25 Faces of Torture الجلادون

When we stormed State Security Police headquarters in Nasr City, which hosted one of Mubarak’s largest torture facilities, on Saturday I found two DVDs in one of the offices, both titled “أرشيف السادة ضباط الجهاز” The Agency Officers’ Archive. The DVDs included profile pictures of State Security officers, organized in folders. Each folder had the officers’ name. Some however did not have the names. There were also sub folders that included pictures of those officers in social events like weddings.

I don’t know what was the purpose of these two DVDs, but I sincerely thank the State Security officials who gave us this present on a golden plate. I’ve uploaded the profile pictures to this Flickr set and added them to the Piggipedia. I urge you all to circulate them. And if you have any more information about those officers please come forward.

Each member of SS has to be brought to justice. This was an agency devoted to spying, surveillance, torture and murder. Every member of this organization from the informer all the way up to the generals should be prosecuted. SS has to be dissolved. It cannot be “restructured” like what the current PM is calling for.

Although those criminals violated our private lives on a daily basis, bugging our phones, offices, and even our bedrooms, I will respect the privacy of their families and will not publish the photos of their social events that included family members.

Dear SS, yes you had every right to be worried from the Piggipedia. We will expose you, bring shame on you. You forced millions of Egyptians to live in fear and terror. Now you have to answer for your crimes.

UPDATE: Flickr has censored the photos, but they can be downloaded here.


  • Alicia says:

    These dudes look very menacing. Nazi redux. Not a lot of zabeebas though – not that that means anything. Wrong is wrong; greed is greed; evil is evil.

  • Said Gomaa says:

    The pictures has been removed by flicker; may be on the request of the current Egyptian goverment? Can you post it on a differnet web site or exchange file system? Thanks.


  • Mils says:

    hi folks.
    I just browsed the Names Unknown folder and was struck by how many of the officers had strange pigmentation / scarring in areas between the bridge of the nose and the hair line …. I’m sure that such pigmentation / scarring is something one would expect across a wide cross-section of any population, but it seems odd that so many of this SMALL cross-section share this ….
    Any ideas …?
    I’d be interested in your thoughts.